Golf's Three Secrets

Supination is the key to success

Secret No. 1

SUPINATE THE LEFT WRIST READY FOR IMPACT. 1. Allows the left hand to be firm at impact. 2. Gives a delayed hit to the ball. 3. Generates clubhead speed as your hands and arms drop. 4. Full supination of the left wrist must be at the ball position before the clubhead arrives.

Secret No.2

REPETITIVE PRACTICE - SUPINATE THE LEFT WRIST READY FOR IMPACT. 5.  Initiate the left-hand rotation (which begins the PROCESS OF SUPINATION from the start of the downswing. 6. Allows you to drop into the slot with consistency. 7. Allows your right elbow to come into your side.

Secret No.3

FORM A NEW HABIT - SUPINATE THE LEFT WRIST READY FOR IMPACT. 8. Sets up the correct swing path of the clubhead. 9. Controls balance within the swing. 10. Controls the swings tempo and rhythm. 11. Enables you to take a divot with your irons.

Now you can enjoy the golf swing’s greatest secret. Learn how to supinate your left wrist by watching my video. Onetime fee $US16.00 (Includes free updates once you log in).
Please note that the eleven instructions apply to a right-handed (RH) golfer.

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I'm Paul Skilton, and I am currently a Senior Member of the Professional Golfer’s Association of New Zealand.

Using my years of experience of playing and coaching golf, I've created two instructional videos that take a look at controlling a moving club from a new perspective.

You can now improve your golf game, by learning my clubhead acceleration technique using the two video presentations I've created.

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